Tila Tequila Attacked By Juggalos?

Tila was performing at the ” 11 Annual Gathering of Juggalos” in Illinois, where she claims she was violently attacked by the audience. Also performing at the concert were The Insane Clown Posse and the Kottonmouth Kings, two juggalo bands known for having rough and rowdy followers . Tequila tells TMZ all about the “warm welcome”. ” I went onstage and immediately, before I even got on stage, dudes were throwing huge stone rocks in my face, beer bottles that slit my eye open, almost burnt my hair on fire cuz they threw fire crackers on stage”. Tila also told TMZ that the violent crowd chased her back to her trailer and threw feces and urine at her  A picture of Tila’s wounded face and video clips of the attack have been circulating the internet all week. Although there was security at the event, Tila claims that their efforts were futile.  “Even the guys inside [the trailer] with me were shaking!  [The guys] inside the trailor had to grab a table and push it over the broken windows and grabbed all the chairs they could find so hold the people from outside back.  It was scary as hell!” Poor Tila! This internet star has seen better days. According to The New York Times, Tila has  filed a complaint with the Illinois police since the incident.