Throwback Video… Evolution of Dance!

Thanks to Throwback Thursdays we get to bring back nostalgic memories! Whether it is a song you used to listen to in middle school, a game you used to play against your friends, or a movie you had forgotten about that suddenly shows up on an HBO or Encore channel – we love when events, ideas, films, shows, songs give us a snapshot into our history. When a certain Backstreet Boys song comes on I can tell you exactly where I was in my life and what I was doing. Recently, I have been circulating back through old YouTube videos that I watched in college. As the date of this video reveals, I just graduated a couple of years ago. But, as soon as I saw this again, it brought me back to my old (or newer) college days. It was actually my parents that introduced me to this man. They were so impressed with his talents that they made me play it for EVERYBODY at EVERY family party. Since I love to dance my mother even tried to get me to memorize this… about six years later it is safe to say I am not getting around to that. Judson Laipply is not only an inspirational comedian, but a great dancer. If you find this entertaining you should watch his other YouTube installments. After his family and friends saw this (as I am sure they made up the 200,000,000 people that watched it), there is no doubt in my mind that he had to do this dance at every wedding, engagement party, birthday, or get together thereafter.What is your favorite part of his dance?