Thin Mints Cause A Delay In Girl Scout Cookie Orders


(PCM) Everyone know that hands down Thin Mints are the most popular and sought after Girl Scout Cookie offering, however even the Girl Scouts themselves did realize just how popular until this year. Sales of Thin Mints have soared this ordering season, so much so that there has now been a bit of a back-up on the manufacturing side and they have not been able to completely keep up with all of the orders for the popular cookie. A Girl Scouts representative revealed that the manufacturers generally churn out about 9 million boxes of Thin Mints during the busiest part of cookie season and that equals out to about 25% of all boxes of cookies sold. It has not been revealed just how many boxes have been ordered so far this year to create a back-up in production. The manufacturer issued the following statement in regards to delayed orders saying “While overall demand for Thin Mints has been greater than expected this season, we are working to ensure every order is delivered in a timely manner.”