Thieves Steal Man’s Entire Front Lawn

That’s right, the entire front lawn was missing! Earlier this month Steve Woolnough, 54, woke up and walked out the front door of his home in England only to see that all of his grass was gone…artificial grass that is. “I’m absolutely seething over it, I really am,” he told the Sun. “How dare someone steal what I have had to work hard for. You try and make your house look nice and someone comes along and steals what you have got.” It was a small yard, just about 100 square feet, but artificial grass is expensive. Not to mention his front lawn is now destroyed. Police believe it was a gang of thieves – what, they don’t think one thief could snatch up a 10 x 10 front lawn by him (or her) self? Regardless, police are taking it very seriously and are asking anyone who saw anything suspicious to come forward immediately.