The Wanted: We Got Rear-Ended By David Beckham

Hollyscoop Exclusive: I just assume that all UK superstars are all best friends with each other. London is a small place, right? And you know what, they all kind of do know each other. Hollyscoop chatted with The Wanted last night at the VMA’s were they revealed that they are basically besties with David Beckham. “I was in a steakhouse the other day, David was there with his friend and he goes, ‘Tom! Tom!’ I was like, ‘he knows me personally, like one-on-one name basis. This is the coolest moment of my life,” says Tom Parker. The fivesome were also invited to Romeo Beckham’s 10th birthday party which went down at the go-cart range and the boys says the Beckham parents got a little TOO into the go-carting. “David and Victoria are very competitive,” says Tom. “They are, in all honesty,” says Nathan Sykes. Siva Kaneswaran then tells us how he found himself getting rear ended by David Beckham. In his go-kart! Minds out of the gutters, readers, c’mon! “We’re flying on the go-karts and suddenly I get a massive smash in my car,” says Siva before turning around to find out that none other than David Beckham has smashed his kart into the boy bander. “Seeing David Beckham flying by my car, I’m not even upset, it’s David Beckham!” Then Tom jokes, “I probably shouldn’t have hit up the rear by Dave.”

Kevin Mazur/Wireimage For Abc / Abc