The Velvet Rope Has Been Lowered! Experience The Oscars Like Never Before!

We will be bringing you our coverage of The Oscars in a unique way this year using the premium All Access feature on!  All Access gives viewers the chance to view The Oscars like never before, using “360 cam” technology we can get an inside look at the red carpet, the directors’ room, hair and make-up, the main stage, and more!  It is truly an amazing feature and we can not wait to bring you our never before seen look at The Oscars this year! We will be directing our own Oscar experience tomorrow night check it out here! We want to hear from you!  Leave us your feedback on Twitter at @PCMTweet and share your picks and opinions about Hollywood’s biggest night! We are including some additional details below about how you can join for yourself and see The Oscars in a whole new way! Oscar All Access is a new premium feature that gives online Oscar fans the ultimate insider’s view of Hollywood’s biggest night. Beginning with the Red Carpet and continuing through the Governor’s Ball, Oscar fans can direct their own experience on the red carpet and inside the ceremony using groundbreaking “360 cam” technology to control multiple cameras with the click/drag functionality of their computer mouse. Sign up now for only $4.99 so you don’t miss out on any of the fun with Oscar All Access! Once you’re registered, you can login online on Oscar Night to access this exclusive coverage. Register here: