The Single-Most Greatest, Most Awesome-est, Most Totally Rock’n’Roll Show in the History of Television!

Aging punks, REJOICE! Your savior Henry Rollins — probably the angriest vegan in the history of the practice — is BACK, & this time, he’s wrestling the wildest of the wild animals! He drinks snake blood! He wrestles alligators! And he does it all at the top of his lungs for NatGeo Wild’s new three-part series, “Animal Underworld,” which premieres tonight at 8pm! In a chat with Paste Magazine (via Loudmouth), the former Black Flag frontman, activist, & slam poet says that he did the series in order to enlighten the viewers about cultures outside of their comfort zone. ” You look at American media, and basically, you’re taught to fear other cultures and believe that the people of a country are necessarily in league with the leadership of that country,” he said. Check out the preview HERE!