The New How To: Become Famous

Newsweek recently published an article titled Charlie Sheen is Winning where the author illustrates the modern day celebrity versus famous influences from the past. The article sparked an interest with me to ask the question, “what makes people famous?” Granted we’re dealing with talent, but talent is everywhere and the original “wow” factor now consists of duel personalities, attending events in eggs, and border line insanity. Society today has placed the spotlight on eccentric characters whose lives are more of a show that we just can’t stop watching. Granted, we love a good rags to riches story, or watching a hero fall, but there seems to be a rise in unimaginable, bizarre personalities that are raw and leave the audience at the edge of their seat. Look at Nikki Minaj and her first album. Although she took some criticism for stealing Lil Kims identity, Minaj added her own style, and an extra personality to her music for a sound unlike any other. Her duel personalities can easily be identified throughout the music, saying what ever she wants to say with no filter or second thought. Lady Gaga, do I even need to make my case? Her music videos and attire blows people away and she could care less. Her outspoken beliefs in the LGBT community and in her “little monsters” is a message to society that we can be ourselves no matter what culture says. From contracts to interviews she does not care how others label her (honestly, how can you label her?), and that confidence makes her spontaneous enough to leave us wanting more. Charlie Sheen is a bit of a different story. Media is dealing with an addict whether they know it or not, but what reels us into his every move? Maybe because he may qualify for insanity. Maybe it is the fact that he has no filter or discretion for anyone around him. We think we’re watching an actor’s career collapse, but in reality this publicity works more as the highest point of popularity that Sheen will ever achieve. So what’s in common with all of these celebrities? It is debatable that the numerous vulgar curse words just tally up between all of these stars, but the core of it goes toward the admiration of something that we, as the public, don’t understand. The uncertainty that lies in between Lady Gaga or Charlie Sheen is something that we may never understand, but we’re willing to watch with eyes peeled to figure it out. Celebrities continue to top each other in stunts, actions and mere ideals that prime entertainment is handed to us on a silver platter. All I can wonder now is who will be the next star to step into the spotlight and awe the audience once again.