The Jackie Chan Museum Coming Soon

The world is about to get their first Jackie Chan museum as it is expected to open later this year. The museum, which is built inside a revamped factory, is located in the Changfend Ecological Business District (CEBD) in the Putuo district of Shanghai. Hong-Kong born Chan, 57, is a worldwide celebrity, truly embodying the theme of “China symbol, kung fu star, [and] charity ambassador” that the museum is designed along. Reported to be housed within the 10,000-square-meter museum that has been under construction for the past three years is an Avenue of Stars, a gallery for movie art, a four-story Italian restaurant, Chan’s own movie studio as well as a soon-to-open gallery of Chan’s four-decade spanning movie career displaying movie costumes, properties and posters. Additionally, Chan has also said that fans will be able to meet Chinese celebrities while touring the studio. Shanghai certainly has their fair share of eccentric museums, like the Shanghai Typewriter Museum, Calligraphy Museum and Antique Music Box Gallery, but the Jackie Chan Museum is part of a larger government plan to redevelop it’s 14 kilometer-long Suzhou River bank area, including the opening of 10 other museums by the end of 2013, like the Shanghai Textile Museum and Shanghai Matchbox Museum. It sounds like if you’re looking for some interesting museum visits, Shanghai is going to be the place to be! And, of course, if you’re a huge Chan fan!