The Dolphins Are Revolting!


(PCM) Either the Sea World dolphins in Orlando, FL are staging a revolt or that woman’s iPad seriously resembled a tasty fish snack. With all the controversy that has surrounded Sea World and their practices for keeping animals in captivity we would not be surprised if it was some sort of revolt on behalf of the adorable dolphins the theme park keeps in captivity. One guest was none too pleased when while she was attempting to film the dolphins with her iPad, one of them hilariously jumped out of the water, grabbed the iPad from her hands and pulled it right into the water. The entire incident was captured by another Sea World guest named┬áKuadiel Gomez. The clip has since gone viral being viewed over 50,000 times on YouTube, because seriously who doesn’t love a video of revenge seeking dolphins! ┬áTake that technology! The rest of the dolphin family also appeared to have a great time splashing the heck out of the rest of the park visitors who were surrounding their tank! The dolphins definitely got the last laugh!