The Comedy Awards 2012

Well hello and good evening all you comedy fans and friends! Lena here giving you live updates from The Comedy Awards 2012! Tonight we honor some of the greatest names in the business! So as they say, “Tragedy tomorrow, Comedy Tonight!!” We are also tweeting live on Twitter! Follow us @PCMTweet The Red Carpet (which was actually gold and black to match the theme) was very cool!  Some of my absolute favorites are here tonight namely the Gregory Brothers (known for such hits as The Bed Intruder Song) and Robin Williams! Chris Rock is the first presenter of the evening! “5 nominees, 3 are funny!” he’s funny! the nominees for Comedy Special of the Year are: Louis CK Patton Oswalt Norm Macdonald Colin Quinn Daniel Tosh   Will Arnett is presenting the award for …. wait wait…. he has a live turtle. Legit, a live turtle! anyway Comedy Writing: 30 Rock Curb Your Enthusiasm Louie Parks and Recreation Modern Family Saturday Night Live   Maya Rudolph is here to warn us about online shopping addiction… oh wait no she is presenting Best Actor in a Comedy role on TV Alec Baldwin Larry David Steve Carell Louis CK Ty Burrell   Chris Barnell is presenting for best actress in a comedic role in film Jennifer Aniston Cameron Diaz Melissa McCarthy Emma Stone Kristen Wiig   omg A Native American!!   The Honey Badger Guy is doing the commentary for a hot second! That made my night! Side note: free drinks and appetizers is great!… when you have time to eat or type fast enough sober to be able to drink… which I do not and can not… so that’s fun… But i have to say…oh wait we’re back   Tracy Morgan award for sketch alt comedy series… he says he is leaving show business to join the secret service Children’s Hospital Louie Portlandia Tosh.0 Saturday Night Live Also presenting Club Comic Award Chelsea Paretii John Mulaney Rory Scovel Amy Schumer Anthony Jeselnik Kumail Nanjiani Pete Holmes Ted Alexandro Moshe Kasher Hannibal Burges   Adam Scott is checking into social media… and to present the best Director for a comedy The Artist Bridesmaids Crazy, Stupid…. (Ok this is pointless It’s happening so fast! Really all i can do is laugh my face off!) Horrible Bosses Midnight in Paris   Hey look! Chevy Chase!  … wait! look it’s the Native American again! Tina Fey is here too! Fun Fact: My mom was at her graduation, and so was I… as an embryo… yeah mom was pregnant at the time. We just had a look at Weekend Update through the years! Great show! Amazing history! few a break! oo food!! if it would just… come.. down the row….. YES GOT IT!! note to self: next time, sit on the end of the row. They get all the food. So the evening is the second comedy award ceremony, last year was the first. It is a very fun black tie affair with no rules and no holds barred. Everyone is here to have fun and just because the ladies have updos don’t be fooled. Everyone is wearing their hair down. In the classiest way possible, of course. Anger translator Luther is here!!!!!! Apparently Obama really likes these guys. they don’t believe it! But they don’t have a contingency plan if Romney wins. Between Two Ferns with Zack Galifianakis interviewing famous people!! PUPPIES!!!!! Little children dancing to Single Ladies… and running away… well they were adorble.   BEST VIRAL ORIGINAL Between Two Ferns Drive Recklessly 7minutes in Heaven with Mike O’Brien Shit Girls Say Songify This (Fun Fact: I LOVE these guys!!!!!)   Rob Riggle is here to present Best Comedy Series 30 Rock Parks and Recreation …. (well i stopped watching because into the room just walked four of my favorite musicians in the internet today!) Curb Your Enthusiasm Modern Family   …and Animated Comedy series Archer Life and Times of Tim The Simpsons South Park Family Guy (so basically all my favorite shows)   Patton Oswalt is here to present … he’s brought the wrong speech hahaha!! well anyway he’s here to present The Stand-Up Icon Award to Robin Williams!!!… (oh hey look over here, it’s Rob Riggle! he thinks that Adam McKay is the funniest guy off screen or out of the “office”. and his favorite moment of his work is improving with Will Farrell in Step Brothers. Very cool guy!!) Robin Williams looks fantastic!!! and he is so gracious! he has said more nice things about all the other younger comics in the room than about himself or anything else. He says hi Oliver sax!! he said in the press room!!   Late Night Comedy Series Late night with jimmy fallon real time bill maher daily show with jon stewart late night show with david letterman Actually I have no clue what is happening on the show right now because one of my heroes, Robin William was in the room. He is very close to my heart as one of the performers that influenced me and inspired me my whole life! I even gasped like a 5 year old on Christmas morning when he came into the press room! Thank you sir for the laughs. I apologize for all the typos, yall. Like I said, it’s all happening so fast.   So which award are we on now…. Performance by an Actress in a TV series presented by Matthew Perry Zooey Deschanel Tina Fey Amy Poehier Kristen Wiig Sofia Vergara   Please Welcome to the stage… Jim Carrey!!! ….and his Justin Bieber hair… omg… anyway he’s here to present Best Comedy Film Bridesmaids Crazy, Stupid, Love The Artist Midnight in Paris Horrible Bosses   The Johnny Carson Lifetime Achievement Award is to be presented next by Robert De Niro. The award is going to Don Rickles. Johnny Carson had him on all the time. He’s really done it all, seen it all, and made fun of it all! Respect, good sir! Respect! He says young comedians should learn from Johnny Carson. My friends on the interwebs, there is so much that has happened tonight that my fingers just weren’t fast enough to type. May 6th, watch it! Enjoy it! Love it! Be inspired! LOL!!! Thank you so much, GOD NIGHT!!!