“The Birds” Actress Tippi Hedren Speaks Out About Hitchcock Biopic

Last December actress Sienna Miller was cast to play Tippi Hedren in “The Girl,” an Alfred Hitchcock biopic that follows the director’s obsessive relationship with Hedren during the filming of “The Birds” and “Marnie.” The real Hedren, now 82 years-old, recently spoke out about the movie, which she approves of, but admits that she still has a few concerns. “I am thrilled Sienna is playing me. She is terrific for the part,” Hedren said. “If I have one reservation about the film, it is that I worry they will not portray me as as strong a character as I was — and still am. I had to be extremely strong to fight off Mr Hitchcock.” The strange relationship between Hedren and Hitchcock was no secret, and is well documented in Hollywood history. The master of suspense tried to control and manipulate Hedren, prohibiting her from driving in cars with male co-stars and threatened to blacklist Hedren if she did not sleep with him during the filming of “Marnie.” “He wanted to possess me completely… There were so many wonderful films we could have made together but it was all thrown away because of his mindless lust,” she said. “The Girl,” starring Miller and Toby Jones as Alfred Hitchcock, will be broadcast on BBC Two sometime in 2012.