Teen Takes ‘Detachable Thumb’ Magic Trick To A Different Level

(PCM)┬áTeenage magician, Vincent Kuo, who has mastered sleight-of-hand tricks has taken the tried and true “detachable thumb” trick (you know that one that fascinated you when you were a toddler) to an entirely new level. Even after watching the video several times, we still cannot figure out just how Kuo maneuvers his fingers the way he does to complete the final part of the trick. Kuo posted the video on his Facebook page as part of his “100 Days Of Magic” project and it is going viral. The clip has already by shared on Facebook over 3,000 times and surpassed over 1 million views on YouTube, becoming on the sites trending videos. Kuo truly does do an amazing job! Now we are off to spend the next several hours messing with our fingers and trying to determine just how this kid is so good!