Teen Makes Prom Dress Out of Starburst Wrappers

Diane McNease proves you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a prom dress – you just have to have a little creativity and, well, a sweet tooth! The innovated high school student from northern Michigan spent a year and a half collecting Starburst wrappers, and another five months creating the Starburst dress. “It was kind of a dare,” she told Shine. “Someone said I couldn’t do it. That’s the last thing you should say to me.” But McNease admits she did have a little help. “My friend Bria Johnson made the fabric part of the dress for me. I couldn’t have done it without her.” She even got a little help from dad! “Every night he would help hand sew the folded strips of wrappers to the dress for a few hours.” So how many Starburst candies did it take to complete the prom dress? 18,000! Don’t worry, she didn’t eat all 18,000 herself, though she does admit she tried for the first month until it made her sick. Her parents must be proud – or at least relieved to not have to spend hundreds on a prom dress! Photo courtesy WLUC-TV