Teen Criminal Uses Facebook To Request Police Use A Better Photo


(PCM) Further proving just how narcissistic our society has become, an Australian teen who was on the run from authorities managed to take a few minutes to hop on Facebook to request that the authorities and media use a better photo of her, as she did not like the one that they had chosen to tell the story. 18-year old Amy Sharp made an escape from an Australian correctional facility and was on the run for three days evading local authorities. While authorities were on the hunt, the local news station reported on their Facebook page that there was still an active manhunt for Sharp and where she was last seen. Sharp could not resist commenting on the 7 News Sydney Facebook page posting requesting that they use a prettier picture of her during their reporting on the story. Definitely takes some guts, however Sharp’s plan backfired when based upon the location services, authorities were able to pinpoint her location based on the Facebook comment. Opps!

Sharp was later arrested and brought back into police custody to be charged. Her initial offense was theft of some sort, however a prison escape makes things a bit more serious. Here’s hoping that she get’s a decent mug shot photo, because you know … priorities and all that good stuff!