Teacher’s Homework Assignment Includes Detailed Instructions For Cooking Meth

(PCM) Parents were outraged when a teacher’s homework assignment included detailed instructions about how to both cook and inject crystal meth. The teacher from Mississauga, Canada has since been suspended with pay pending an investigation surrounding the controversial assignment. The assignment was given to 13-year old students and their parents were in a state of shock. The homework was printed double-sided and included detail instructions about how to obtain ingredients, manufacture and then inject the crystal meth. Who in the right mind would think this is a good idea? One of the students commented that the assignment was handed out by the teacher in order to “dramatize”, as they were supposed to act scared when making the meth and then act happy when they were injecting the finished product. Seriously! Children can be incredibly impressionable at this particular age, so how could the teacher know that none of them would actually try recreate the assignment in real life. Children should never be given this type of information at anytime, especially not at school! Perhaps this particular teacher loved AMC’s “Breaking Bad” a little too much!