Taylor Swift’s Twitter And Instagram Hacked

(PCM) Without a doubt Taylor Swift has one of the most popular celebrity accounts on both Twitter and Instagram, so it was definitely a shock to fans when we learned that our beloved Taylor’s account had been hijacked. A series of suspicious and now deleted tweets began showing up on Taylor’s account and they were tagging Twitter users @Veriuser and @Lizzard urging Swift’s nearly 52 million followers to follow their accounts.

taylor-hack2 Taylor-hack1

The hackers also posted several disturbing images on the page as well. A vast majority of Taylor’s fans caught on to the scam right away and hilariously many others began begging the hackers for highly esteemed follow-back from Taylor’s account.


Sources say that @Lizzard threatened to release nude image of Taylor in exchange for bitcoin, but there has been no word yet if any exchange has taken place. The accounts for both @Lizzard and @Veriuser have since been suspended. Taylor posted a message on her Tumblr page in response to the hack and let fans know that her team was aware of the hack and they were in the process of updating and changing all her passwords. Once everything was updated and changed, Taylor posted the following tweet directed at the hackers: