Target Claims They Were Not Behind The “Alex From Target” Viral Sensation


(PCM) We are sure by now you have at least seen or heard something about “Alex From Target” the latest viral internet meme that features an extremely good-looking Target employee. It was brought to everyone’s attention recently that the whole thing may have actually been a sneaky viral marketing campaign paid for by Target, rather than just a random viral sensation created by an obsessive teenage girl. A marketing company by the name of Breakr, took credit for orchestrating the whole situation and claim they were hired on as part of a viral marketing project. However, now Target is claiming that they are not responsible for the whole #AlexFromTarget meme and did not pay anyone to distribute the photo. Breakr has since changed their story a bit and revealed that Twitter user @auscalem and Alex have no relationship with their company. It seem that the initial photo may have originated with two teenage girls from Texas who took notice of Alex at their local Target store. One snapped a quick photo while she was in line, however the girls claim they have no idea how the image ended up making its’ way over to Tumblr. #AlexFromTarget has now been identified at Texas high school student Alex LaBeouf and he also says that he has never heard of the company Breakr. He recently tweeted out the following “Apparently there is a company trying to take credit for how the pic taken of me went viral. My family and I have never heard of this company”. LaBeouf, however, does appear to be enjoying his new found viral stardom and even appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. While Target denies being the one behind the meme and subsequent hash tags creation, they are certainly ready to embrace it, as they tweeted out from their official Twitter account “We heart Alex, too!”.