Tapes Surface Of 10-year old Beyonce Performing With Girl Group! Expected To Fetch $3.8 Million At Auction

(PCM) Who in their right mind would pay nearly $4 million dollars for some old tapes of pop superstar Beyonce at only 10-years old performing with her very first girl group Girl’s Tyme? New tapes of the group have surfaced and they are currently being auctioned off for approximately $3.8 million dollars.  Beyonce was at one time the lead singer for the short-lived childhood girl group which later morphed into Destiny’s Child. Sources at Entertainment Weekly say that the tapes fell into the hands of celebrity memorabilia and collectors Ted Owen & Co who decided to auction off the 12 tapes which contain 2 and half hours of 10-year old Beyonce performing with Girl’s Tyme. The folks at Ted Owen & Co claim that much of this footage has never seen the light of day and was taped prior to the group making their debut television performance on “Star Search” in 1993.  Unfortunately, Girl’s Tyme ended up losing out on “Star Search” to the rock group Skeleton Crew earning only 3 out of 4 stars. My how the tables have turned nowadays, as Beyonce is now a global performance icon.  She even recently shared footage of Girl Tyme losing out to Skeleton Crew in the music video for her track “Flawless” arguably one of the best songs on Queen Bey’s newest album. She claims the ‘”Star Search” moment was a defining moment in her childhood saying, “At that time you don’t realize that you could work super hard and give everything you have and lose.” The tapes will remain on the auction block until January 10, 2017, so relax, there is still time to drop a cool million or so on early Beyonce goodness!