Take A Guess On What Is The Oldest Candy In America

good-and-plenty2(PCM) Bet you didn’t guess it, but licorice flavored Good & Plenty is the oldest candy brand in America. Good & Plenty have been in existence since the 19th century created in Philadelphia, PA in 1893. Too funny that another yummy Halloween treat, candy corn, was also first created in Philadelphia, PA as well. No worries if you get too many Good & Plenty this Halloween season and think they might go stale. You can pop these little gems in the microwave for a few seconds and they will soften right back up. Another fun fact about Good & Plenty is that according to scientist David Sugarman (seriously, that’s his real last name) and writer Judy Dutton, the smell of this candy is said to be one of the top captivating smells to women. One of the more icky facts about Good & Plenty and the reason you may want to skip this treat if you are a vegetarian, is that one of the candy’s recognizable pink colors is derived from cochineal extract, which is crafted from dead insects. However, that is just the color, the candy’s signature flavor is blend of anise and molasses. There you have it! ┬áThe history of America’s oldest candy!