Survivor’s Hated Jonny Fairplay Separates From Top Model Wife

Jonny Fairplay was a contestant on Survivor: Pearl Islands several years ago, and he is still making headlines. Back in the day, Fairplay came onto the competitive show and lied to his cast mates and America when he claimed his grandmother had died. He showed deep emotion, and everyone reached out towards him in a sympathetic nature. Well, the truth was later revealed that his grandma was actually alive and well. It had turned out that Fairplay wasn’t playing very fair. Then again, his real name is Jonathan Dalton. Got us again there Jonny! This time he is making headlines, because of his recent separation to wife Michelle Deighton, who is also a reality star from being a contestant on one of the America’s Next Top Model seasons. According to TMZ, Fairplay filed for legal separation from Deighton after she left without explanation and took their infant daughter with her. He is supposedly looking to get full custody of their daughter. The Web site also reports that Deighton showed up to his home earlier this month to find the locks were changed. Guess who showed up right behind her? The infamous Fairplay grandmother. The grandmother claimed the model was trespassing, called the cops, and blocked Deighton’s car in the driveway. The model instinctively hit the blocked car and escaped by flooring it over the grass. Fairplay’s whole life seems like an episode of Survivor!