Super Bowl 49 Boring Until the Last Minute

Malcolm-Butler-int(PCM) Fans and analysts will debate the play call that cost the Seahawks their back-to-back Super Bowl wins, and few will remember the name Malcolm Butler in months to come, but can anyone honestly say this was a Super Bowl? malcolm-butlerThe final score of 28-24 in favor of the Patriots over the Seahawks may appear to have the earmarks of a great and close scoring game but in truth it was not. jearmaine-kearse-receptionUp until late in the fourth quarter with Jermaine Kearse making a circus catch on his back, there were no truly exciting plays. No huge interceptions run back, no fumbles or sacks that stopped drives. Outside of Tom Brady’s first drive first quarter interception in the endzone, each scoring drive by both teams held no excitement. A fan of either team will argue this but the logical counter is those fans are fans. They are bias. The final score could have been 7-0 and it would have been an awesome game by any fan that roots on either team. No, the truth is Super Bowl 49 sucked. It was boring. It was slow and the commercials were just as boring. Sure one or two were cute, from Budweiser’s contrived heart string puppy commercial that easily manipulated the female audience near tears, to Liam Neeson’s phone app video game rage in character of his Bryan Mills Taken persona. Beyond those efforts, anyone that felt the game or commercials were memorable is hard up for a good time. The only good thing about Super Bowl 49 is that a debate of why the Seahawks passed on the 1 yard line when they have a league franchise player Marshawn Lynch that could run the ball in backwards with ease. But isn’t that end game controversy all that is necessary for the public to forget how slow and boring this game was and elevate it to a great Super Bowl? Be honest if you watched this game.  It was boring and 2 minutes of excitement can hardly make up for almost 3 hours of dull. In defense of the NFL and the Super Bowl, you can’t script a good game. Good and great games take place mysteriously. Serendipitously. Super Bowl 49 was not one of them.