Student Wearing A Stormtrooper Costume Forces School Evacuation On ‘Star Wars Day’

(PCM) Every fan of the “Star Wars” film franchise has a little bit of fun on “May The Fourth Be With You Day” (otherwise referred to as “Star Wars Day”) which takes place every year on, obviously, May the 4th! One student at Ashwaubenon High School decided to wear a stormtrooper costume to school to celebrate the day, however his fashion choice prompted a school evacuation after the costume was mistakenly perceived  as a threat. School officials were contacted in the morning by a concerned parent who was dropping off their child and noticed someone wearing unusual clothing entering the school.  Ashwaubenon Public Safety immediately responded to the scene and the high school was evacuated as a safety precaution. Other schools in the area including Parkview Middle School and the Community Center, where some students were taking an AP test, were also put into lockdown mode. After conducting an overall sweep of the high school, no threat was detected and students were allowed back inside to complete their day. In a Facebook post the school district said,”There was no legitimate threat at AHS. It was a misunderstanding where a student wore a Star Wars costume for ‘May the Fourth Be With You’ day. There was no intent of a threat, but the student will be held accountable.” Are there any rules in place that said the student couldn’t wear a costume to celebrate “Star Wars Day”?  If not then we don’t think he should be punished in any way for a simple misunderstanding and celebrating his fandom!