The Story Of The Lonely Papaw And His Burger Meme


(PCM) A loving Papaw in Oklahoma was incredibly excited to catch up with his six grandchildren while they were home for spring break. He cooked up an amazing meal of famous Papaw-style hamburgers and patiently awaited for his grandchildren to arrive. Sadly, only one grandchild, Kelsey Harmon, out of six, arrived to enjoy Papaw’s company and delicious meal. Kelsey tweeted out a picture of her Papaw sitting at the table, hamburger in hand sadly waiting for the rest of his grandchildren to arrive. It is without a doubt one of the most heart-breaking viral images we have ever seen! Papaw has now become an internet sensation with Kelsey’s initial post being retweeted over 130,000 times. Twitter users immediately began to come to Papaw’s defense and many hilarious meme’s began popping up all across the social media network. Kelsey spoke with BuzzFeed news and revealed even more of the story saying “So I sit down and get a plate, but he waits because he wanted to make sure everyone else got plenty. Well about 30 minutes pass and he decides he’ll eat just one. An hour goes by and nobody shows. I could tell he was disappointed, but I made sure to stick around and hang out with him. We had a really great time.” Turn out Papaw even made homemade ice cream as well!  Shame on those grandchildren! Of course, the five remaining grandchildren immediately became internet villains and of course the threats of death and violence began rolling in as well, as many users began to take their defense of Papaw to new level. Kelsey urged users on Twitter to please stop threatening her cousins and that Papaw loves all of his grandchildren and he is doing fine. She assured Twitter users that she has shared their well-wishes and kind words with Papaw and he is overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support.