Still Snookin’ For Love

Jersey Shore brought poofs, fist-pumping and GTL (gym, tan, laundry) into the limelight. Several cast members made names like “The Situation,” and “Snooki” familiar and popular to those who watched. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was quite a character herself. She always rocked a poof, did back flips in dance clubs, ate pickles in an interesting fashion and obsessed about finding the perfect guido. She was on the hunt to find her mate in Seaside during season one of the Jersey Shore. Although she left the shore without a “juiced-up gorilla,” she found love through another popular medium: the internet. Snooki found personal trainer Emilio Masella through Facebook, and tweeted about her booming new romance. However, the two have recently split after she dumped him based on suspicions that the hunk was cheating on her and using her for fame. “WAAAH,” as she would say. I am sure the self-proclaimed “Guidette” will have no problem finding love as she currently films Jersey Shore 2 in South Beach, Miami. Even if she doesn’t, maybe her dreams of having her own reality love show called, “Snookin’ For Love” will happen!