Steve Urkel Makes A Comeback In Cee Lo’s Video!

Singer Cee Lo Green’s Motown-inspired melody, “Cry Baby” is a song of heartbreak, and a soulful showcase of a sitcom alum. The vintage video for Cee Lo’s newest single since the hostile hit, “F-k You” features none other than Jaleel White, the nerdy name who graced us with his geekiness on family sitcom, Family Matters. Cee Lo, The Voice judge and creator of this summer’s viral pop album, The Lady Killer employed the old Urkel to star as the artist himself in this video for the heartbreak hymn. No longer the bookworm with coke bottle glasses, lady-killer Jaleel breaks up with his boo in the beginning of the mini movie when he tells her that they’ll have to part ways, I’m two trains passing, that’s what we are. I’m going left and you’re going right.” As his grief-stricken girlfriend downs in her tears, some crazy choreography brazes the screen and the former Urkel wears out his dancing shoes with passers-by in the 60’s themed set. Although Jaleel refrains from dropping Urkel’s classic and age-old adages, “Got any cheese?” or “Did I do that?” he did a stellar job lip-syncing lines from Cee Lo’s throwback tune. He’s no longer the awkward, suspender-clad adolescent who’s hopelessly enamored with Laura Winslow, but rather a full-fledged smooth talker with 60’s swagger.