How Does Your State Rank On The Thanksgiving Misery List?


(PCM) Real estate blog Estately has put together a list that ranks all of the U.S. States to determine whether or not they are due to have a miserable Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a holiday that is all about giving thanks and appreciation for our bounty in life, however we all know that in reality it is filled with burnt food, arguing relatives, too much drinking, and of course the stress of gearing up for those endless Black Friday sales. Estately compiled their list based on six key factors to determine which states are most likely to have a less than “thankful” and bit more miserable Thanksgiving this year. The factors included the likelihood of a family food poisoning episode, the likelihood of relatives getting drunk and making a scene, the likelihood of political arguments, dietary restrictions impacting food quality, favorite NFL teams losing on Thanksgiving day games and of course the likelihood of everyone guests and cook alike abandoning the meal to shop a Black Friday sale. We are very sorry to the good folks of Ohio, but it appears that they have the honor of being ranked the number one most miserable state to be in for Thanksgiving. Iowa and Pennsylvania round out the top three followed by Arizona, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Alaska, Maine, Virginia and Missouri making up the top ten. According to the list the very best states to spend Thanksgiving would be places such as Hawaii, New Mexico or Arkansas. Where does your state rank? Do you agree with this list?