Starting This Season Phillies Fans Can Purchase Hard Liquor At Games


(PCM) Philadelphia sports fans are notorious for getting, shall we say, a bit rowdy when rooting for their favorite sports teams. They are truly some of the most dedicated and passionate fans around and refuse to take any lip for someone who fails to share that same amount of loyalty and respect to their Philly teams. It is the known rowdiness of Philly fans that makes us question the news that starting this year, Phillies baseball fans will now be able to purchase hard liquor at games. While of course a hot dog and a beer is a staple when attending most sporting events, the addition of hard liquor opens up a whole other realm. It was announced today that the hard liquor will be available for purchase at the concession stand in the left field seats at Citizens Bank Park. There has been no announcement yet about what type of liquor will be offered, however there will be team-branded wine available for certain. We also have to wonder what the price point is going to be, as the typical beer and hot dog can cost nearly $10 to $15 and that is at almost every ball park in the country. Guess, we will just have to wait and see and in the mean time … “take me out to the bargame … err, we mean ballgame” … opps!