Star Wars Wins The Day, But We Got Intimate With Kevin Smith At SDCC

AndrewWoodsTwitter(PCM) What could cause 6,000 people to suddenly vaporize from the coveted Hall H at this year’s San Diego Comic? How about Storm Troopers leading the Hall H masses to a surprise free Star Wars Orchesta concert on an island behind the convention center. Watching that many die-hard Star Wars fans pouring out of Hall H on their march was definitely one of the most surreal Con moments we have ever witnessed …. but if anyone can make it happen it would be Star Wars and it was amazing. They certainly made their first SDCC appearance memorable. However, they most likely made it even more memorable for director Kevin Smith, who took to the Hall H stage right after Star Wars to plug his upcoming film “Yoga Hosers”.  It was probably the emptiest Hall H has ever been, with only approximately 22 people staying behind from the Star Wars hoopla to partake in quite an intimate panel with Smith. We are fairly certain that Smith was warned that Star Wars was planning something epic. When we caught up with him on Thursday to talk about the Scooby Doo and KISS Rock n’ Roll Mystery which he voices a character, he jokingly told us “I’m going to have to light myself on f**king fire to get people to my panel! But it’s Star Wars!!” We think he was understanding, but it was definitely one crazy experience. A few dozen stragglers joined as the panel progressed.