Star Wars Merchandising Craze Even Extends To Fresh Fruit!


(PCM) This holiday season, you can not enter a single store without encountering some kind of Star Wars themed product. It is everywhere from make-up and toys to breakfast cereal and snacks, but have they gone too far with Star Wars branded fresh fruit? While everyone is hyped for the opening of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” later this week it appears that Disney has taken it’s branding campaign to an all new level! There are now Star Wars branded apples, oranges, grapes and carrots available and it is definitely a little odd. Social media users, while incredibly excited about the upcoming film, are urging Disney to calm down with the marketing just a bit and they are definitely having quite a hard time finding a connection between marketing fresh fruit and the Star Wars film franchise. A press release from Disney states that the new produce line “brings the power of the Force to the produce aisle”, however consumers are of the mindset that the company is now taking things just a little too far!