Sponsored Video: #UnfoldFun with Trident’s Fun Audit

Audits abound this time of year, but that doesn’t mean they all have to be fun-sucking, day-ruining things and Trident is here to prove just that with their brand new Fun Audit.

What is a Fun Audit, you may ask? Well, it’s the end report you’ll get after the Fun Auditor, Stephen, rigorously analyzes your Facebook friends, photos, likes and more all because Trident takes fun seriously.

While we may not all work at the Bureau of Fun where there are edible phones, spontaneous jet pack excursions, mid-day bowling, the “deadlines schmeadlines” motto or a uniform that includes floral printed board shorts, we think the results of your Fun Audit may surprise you!

Be sure to pop a piece of Trident gum and “Like” Trident Chewing Gum on Facebook or visit the link here so that you can see what enfolds for your own Fun Audit! Here’s to spontaneity, fire-poles in the middle of offices and a high score on our Fun Audits!

This post is sponsored by Trident.