Spike Lee, Karl Lagerfeld and Russell Simmons Attend Art Charity

CelebrityMagnet Tom Murro attended an event held by The Gordon Parks Foundation entitled The Gordon Parks Awards Dinner and Auction: Celebrating Creativity in the beginning of June at Gotham Hall in New York City, NY. The works of several artists, including those of the late American photographer and film director Gordon Parks, were on display and auctioned off for charity. According to the foundation’s Web site, the organization was established in 2007 to preserve Gordon Parks’ creative work, continue to make it available to the public, and honor others who have contributed their lives to the arts. Honorees of the event included: photographer Karl Lagerfeld, director Spike Lee, author/educator Sir Ken Robinson, President and Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington, and Director of Fashion for Lincoln Center Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. The Mistress of Ceremonies was Iman and there was an entertaining performance by the Blue Man Group. Murro got to view beautiful pieces of artwork during his time at the charity event, but also learned that Parks was the director of the 1971 film Shaft. Can you dig it? Not only did he dig that new bit of information, but the 6’1’’ Harry Winston jewelry heiress Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. “I felt a bit short in our picture,” Murro laughed. Although it was a scorcher outside, the audience cooled down with Jumbo coconut shrimp and sliders during the cocktail hour. “I was disappointed the bar didn’t have cognac,” said Murro. He was not disappointed; however, when Spike Lee walked in and approached him to say hello. The gentlemen reminisced about their golf course encounter with President Barack Obama. Murro had first met the President and the film director at Farm Neck Country Club on Martha’s Vineyard two summers ago. CelebrityMagnet met the President again the following August and handed him a picture of Jackie Robinson sliding into home plate in the 1955 World Series. Yogi Berra signed the picture saying, “Dear Mr. President, He was out!” “Obama had been very happy with it as he is a huge Yankees fan; he even had the Yankees logo embroidered on his blazer,” said Murro. CelebrityMagnet gave Spike Lee this same picture of Robinson during the The Gordon Parks charity event. It seems Murro had some artwork of his own to pass around that night. CelebrityMagnet continued the evening meeting stars such as German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld as well as morning anchor Maurice Dubout. “I mentioned that he was the morning anchor who covered my Obama encounter and he actually remembered it almost two years later,” said Murro. “He was impressed and shocked with what has come out of it.” Before heading out he also had the chance to meet Russell Simmons who was a very “cool guy.” “I was surprised to see he was wearing sneakers,” Murro explained. “I guess you can wear whatever you want when you’re Russell Simmons.”