‘Spain’s Got Talent’ Contestant Shocks Judges With Jaw-Dropping Performance


(PCM) ‘Spain’s Got Talent’ contestant Cristina Ramos shocked both the judges and the audience during her recent audition for the show. She began her audition with some gorgeous opera, however gauging the judge’s reaction that may not have been what they were looking for, however what she did next literally had their jaws hit the floor! Part way through her audition, Ramos ripped off her evening gown revealing a rockin’ new outfit to go along with her absolutely amazing rendition of AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell”! ┬áThe look of absolute shock on the judges faces was priceless. Ramos killed the performance and her audition clip has now gone viral, already being viewed over 2 million times on YouTube. Of course, one of the judges hit the shows “Golden Buzzer” which means that Ramos can skip the rest of the audition process and will proceed directly to the live shows! We can’t wait to see what she does next, such a powerhouse performance!