Soulja Boy Arrested for Possession

I saw the TMZ heading, “Youuuuuuuu got arrested”, and died laughing. However, I’m sure the rap super star doesn’t have much to laugh about right now. According to TMZ, Soulja boy was arrested at 3:15 AM, for a traffic violation. But Police had more than a traffic violation on their hands. The cops told TMZ that there was “a substantial amount of marijuana and cash inside the vehicle”. The Washington Post says that were also guns inside the vehicle, but regardless, the arrest was “smooth and cordial”. The 21-year-old rapper is currently being held in Carroll County Jail until his hearing on Tuesday.This speeding ticket turned drug bust could mean big jail time for the award-winning hip hop artist. But hopefully his time served will be nothing more than a lesson learned.

It is good that some celebrity drug abusers are now checking into drug addiction treatment centers, but it would certainly be great if many more of them do the same.