Someone Leaked Starbucks New Holiday Cup Design


(PCM) We are sure that everyone can recall the great Starbucks holiday red cup controversy and all the subsequent memes that followed, so we are hoping that this year’s design which was leaked by a brave barista who hides under the Reddit user name DasUberSquid, will not cause such a huge stir-up. 
Starbucks all over the country began receiving shipment boxed that were stamped with a sticker that read “No Peeking until after November 10”, however you know that people (and the internet) cannot help themselves, so of course someone just had to have their peek (and then post it online for us all to see).  The boxes held the new Starbucks holiday cups which always debut in early November. While DasUberSquid revealed that he “peeked”, it is rumored that this design is only one of a few which will make their debut in Starbucks franchises on November 10th!  What do you think? 
I peeked.