The Softer Side Of Celebrities

(PCM) It is not everyday that we get a chance to report on the softer and more human side of celebrity culture. Most of the time the focus seems to be on the latest celebrity legal scandal, relationship woes, and fashion, essentially the superficial elements. Recently, two celebrities made headlines by showcasing their more human side.


The story about actor Tom Hanks and the NYC cab driver was one such story. A cab driver was traveling down Park Ave at the end of his shift and noticed a passenger attempting to hail a cab. When he pulled over to talk to the passenger, he at first told him no because the passenger needed to get to 47th street which was way further away than the driver wanted to be at the end of his day. When the passenger looks disappointed, the cab driver had a change of heart and decided to make the trek out of the kindness of his heart. It turns out that as the very thankful passenger who was chatting away with the cab driver was none other than Tom Hanks! ¬†Once the cab driver made the realization he yelled out “WILSONNN!!” and he and Hanks, who starred in the film “Castaway” had a good laugh over the character reference. Being the super-friendly guy that he is Hanks even agreed to pose for a selfie with the cab driver and also invited him out to a viewing of his new play “Lucky Guy”, as well as, greeted him backstage at the performance. Kind of an ironic title for the show, don’t you think? Other such heartwarming celebrity story comes from American Badass himself Kid Rock, who recently made a very touching and surprise visit for one of his number one fans birthday celebrations. Dan McGurk has Down’s Syndrome and has made it no secret that he is truly Kid Rock’s number one fan. He and his family tireless worked to get an invitation out to Kid Rock to attend his 30th birthday party which was held at Clarkson Union Restaurant in Clarkson, Michigan. McGurk even made a YouTube video in hopes of garnering Kid Rock’s attention and it looks like it worked. Rock showed up to the party and the look of utter surprise on McGurk’s face was absolutely priceless and adorable. Kid Rock sang “Happy Birthday” to McGurk and presented him with a limited edition photo, hat ,an autographed custom Kid Rock guitar and of course tickets to an upcoming show. You can watch the truly touching meeting below: