More Sochi Problems! U.S. Bobsledder Had To Bust Out Of Bathroom

(PCM) Adding to the ever growing list of issues that both journalists and Olympic competitors are facing in Sochi, U.S. bobsledder Johnny Quinn had to literally break out of his own bathroom.   The 30-year old member of the U.S. bobsled team was taking a shower in his Olympic Village hotel room when the door became locked and jammed. The quick thinking, Quinn put his bobsled training to use and was able literally bust through the door using the same principles of pushing the bobsled. Quinn had no other choice, as he did not have his phone and was unable to call anyone for assistance. That door never stood a chance, however Quinn and the rest of the U.S. bobsled team will get their chance to go for the gold when the event begins on February 16th. In another somewhat scary bobsledder related incident in Sochi, a member of the female UK bobsled team received quite the scare when she nearly fell down an empty elevator shaft. Rebekah Wilson was shocked when the elevator doors opened up for her, but as she went to step on, the actual elevator itself was missing. Definitely had to be a terrifying feeling!   We can only hope that Sochi will start to get a handle on some of these issue before someone becomes seriously hurt or worse.