Sochi Olympics A Lack Of World-Class Accomodations

(PCM) What is bordering on absolutely ridiculous many journalists who are arriving in Russia for the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics held in the city of Sochi are hilariously tweeting and writing about just how ill-prepared the city actually is prior to the start of this year’s Games. The journalists are finding that their hotel experiences especially are certainly not up to “world-class” conditions with many missing essential items such as door handles and light bulbs to others finding themselves without water, shower curtains, heat, and WiFi. Many of the hotels and surrounding areas are still under construction as a last ditch effort is still currently underway to get things ready for the start of the Olympic Games in just one day. One reporter Stacy St. Clair was facing the difficulty of not having running water in her hotel and then once it was “fixed” the front desk warned “do not use on your face because it contains something very dangerous.”   Reporters and journalists from CNN booked eleven rooms about five months ago, and once they arrived only one room was ready and available. Others have found construction workers still camped out in their rooms, well after they had checked in, with one reporter even finding a stray dog curled up in the corner of his room. Most of the reporters and journalists appear to be keeping their sense of humor about the situations, but it has definitely got to be quite a challenge. To keep up with some of the more ridiculous moments check out the hashtag #SochiProblems on Twitter as well as the hashtag #Sochi2014 for this and additional news and updates.