Snapchat Refuses $3 Billion Dollar Offer From Facebook!

snapchat(PCM) There have been so many acquisitions of various social media networks between various companies these days that is incredibly hard to keep track of who owns or controls what anymore. Today it has been announced that Snapchat has refused a $3 billion dollar offer from Facebook, who were looking to overtake ┬áthe internet start-up that is wildly popular among teens. Snapchat allows users to post/share smartphone photos which then vanish after appearing for a few seconds. Because Snapchat is so popular with the teenage demographic there has been concern over inappropriate content, but because there is no real trail it is hard to track down anything specific. Many are speculating that the reason behind Facebook’s offer to buy out Snapchat is due to a recently announced decline in daily use by teenagers in the U.S. and they are trying to stay ahead of trends in the demographic. Rest assured Snapchat users, the mobile messaging company, is not going anywhere anytime soon!