Shia LaBeouf Is Hitchhiking Across The Country For The Sake Of Art


(PCM) Shia LaBeouf is making headlines once again for yet another bizarre project which he claims is for the sake of art. This time, LaBeouf and two of his friends, Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner, are hitchhiking across the country on what they have deemed a “performance art road trip” called #takemeanywhere. Thus far, LaBeouf and friends have traveled to New Orleans, Chicago, Minnesota, Philadelphia, and the Great Lakes region after beginning their journey in Colorado. They appear to currently be located somewhere in the Upper Midwest in transit. The idea behind the project, which has been commissioned by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Arts, is about making friends and finding out the meaning of life, at least according to LaBeouf and his companions. The Boulder Museum says, “The American road trip has long been symbolic of a collective yearning to seek out beauty and truth within a corrupt nation.” The museum questions: “Can we find such truths within the corrupted networks of society, and preserve something of the utopian naivety of the Internet age?” Definitely looking at things on a deeper scale. Each day, LaBeouf and friends post their GPS coordinates to Twitter. Whoever comes to find them first get to take the group anywhere they choose to take them. The beauty is that they never know exactly what type of adventure awaits them each day. It is definitely quite an interesting way to showcase the power of social media and learn more about the way that we interact with one another. LaBeouf and his friends are documenting the project and we certainly look forward to checking out it out when their journey is complete.