Sheen Gets A New Look

Toronto-born artist, Celeste Gillis, specializes in portraiture and captured Snooki’s poof and The Situation’s abs perfectly in her most recent paintings. After successfully transforming these self-acclaimed “Guidos” into artwork, she was given a new “Winning” task: paint Charlie Sheen! Gillis started receiving lots of media exposure after accusing Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino for breaking copyright laws. Back in December, she transformed the images of “Jersey Shore’s” Snooki and The Situation into acrylic works of art. Snooki’s father Andy Polizzi took the professional route and purchased the Princess of Pouhgkeepsie’s self-portrait from Gillis for his daughter’s birthday. The Sitch was interested in his painting as well and asked Gillis if she was giving it to him or trying to sell it. She offered him the painting for the cost of a few tanning sessions, or a mention of her Web site on his Facebook page. Without hearing back from the “Situation” she saw her image on his Facebook page with no credit given to the artist; he did what he does best… committed the robbery. The actual painting of “The Man, The Myth, The Legend,” was sent to her new publicist, CelebrityMagnet Tom Murro, to thank him for all of his help. Murro will soon auction off the man with “Rambo Abs” for his favorite charity. Murro told Celeste that she needed a good follow up to the Jersey Shore paintings and that is when the masterpiece “High on Sheen” came to be. This socially relevant portrait with bright red and blue hues comes at a perfect time in the entertainment world. Recently, not one news outlet can go a day without mentioning this 45-year-old Two and a Half Men star. “Celeste’s stunning portrait has captured Charlie Sheen as he is today, a fallen and troubled star at odds with the world,” said Murro. Being the son of famous actor Martin Sheen and brother to Emilio Estevez, Carlos Irwin Estevez, known by his stage name of Charlie Sheen, has become the highest paid TV star to date. But, has all that money and family fame gone too far? Well, the tabloids and media outlets would agree that is the case. From his several failed marriages, manic 9-1-1 calls, anger management classes, rehab visits and drug problems Sheen has had a tumultuous lifestyle. He has always been the out-of-control rebel, but his recent drug and alcohol scandals, porn star girlfriends, and allegations of violence have put him under the microscope. “People say I’m so arrogant but I’m just speaking the truth. You ride this cosmic mercury surfboard down the face of a tsunami and tell me you don’t feel b***in’. This is the dream,” said Sheen during his interview with the UK newspaper The Sun. He has made it clear he has no regrets for his extreme lifestyle. Gillis managed to capture this rebellious “Sheen” look in her painting, which she completed in record time and sent to Murro, who spoke to Sheen’s agent yesterday and arranged to have his painting shipped to Charlie next week. Hopefully the painting will soon be hanging in his new $7.5 million mansion. Murro has also spoken to a producer from the Wendy Williams’ Show who wants one for Wendy, himself and the staff. It seems this Canadian artist is creating quite a reputation for herself.

Most celebrities can easily check into private alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers if they need help. Sadly, not too many of them do that.

As far as “High on Sheen” goes, let’s hope the real actor gets down from his “high” horse soon. As he said in his 20/20 interview, “Yeah, I am on a drug it’s called Charlie Sheen.” Gillis’ painting captured the ‘Winning’ essence of Charlie Sheen… high on himself!