Sesame Street Reveals A New Latrine Focused Muppet

Raya1(PCM) Sesame Street creators have recently unveiled a new muppet named Raya with a very special message. Raya’s job is going to be spreading word and engaging children with important messages about proper latrine usage and sanitation throughout the areas of Bangladesh, India and Nigeria. Raya will be a key part of Sesame Street’s Cleaner, Healthier, Happier campaign. Raya is a aqua green, 6 year old girl muppet, loves to learn and has the uncanny ability to remember each and every fact she reads or hears. Definitely important to remember certain health facts such as washing your hands after using the bathroom in an incredibly important way to stay healthy.┬áRaya is also featured wearing sandals and urges children to wear their shoes everywhere especially when using the latrine. The Cleaner, Healthier, Happier campaign will include three public service announcements featuring Raya and Elmo, focusing on sanitation and hygiene, which will be distributed in each country’s official language; a 12- to 15-minute DVD with locally produced studio and live-action segments; and print materials.