Scrabble Adds Some Questionable New Words


(PCM) In a move that proves that text speak is becoming more and more an everyday part of our venacular, Scrabble has add quite few questionable new words to its’ official dictionary. The new words include not only popular text speak, but also social media, technology and common slang. A few of the new additions include ridic (a text abbreviation for ridiculous), shizzle, lolz, lotsa, pwn, thanx, bezzy, tweep, Facetime and many more. In total, about 6,500 new words have been added. In a statement released by Collins Dictionary, the publisher of the dictionary of the Scrabble Players Association, claims that the new words were influenced by all parts of life including social media,slang, technology, and food plus English from all over the world. The dictionary basis its’ decision on which words make the cut by researching just how often a word is used in everyday life. If they can find it written enough times it will make the cut. These days people are using slang in social media posts, tweets, blogs and text messages, so an new informal variety of the English language has been created. Many people are outraged over the new additions to the official Scrabble dictionary claiming that slang or abbreviated words should not be included in the game, but others feel that as language continues to evolve so should the game and that appears to be just what they are doing.