Say Goodbye To The Words “Cra-Cra” And “Bae” … At Least We Hope!


(PCM) Lake Superior State University has recently revealed their annual list of words that they would like banned for the year of 2015. We are certainly that many “foodies” will be going plenty “cra-cra” when they release that they have made the list of banned words along with a list of quite a few others. You can check out the full list of 2015 banned words below: Hack: The word hack has replaced the word tip or short cut. Enhanced interrogation: Formerly known as torture. Polar vortex: Once simply known as winter or a cold snap. Skill set: Replaced the word skills. Swag: Another word for free gifts. Friend-raising: Using a friend for monetary gain in some way. Curate: A pretentious way of saying selected, but has nothing to do with a museum collection. Cra-cra: A term which means crazy. Takeaway: Has replaced the word opinion or impression in the world of news. Nation: Used to describe sports fans. For example: Packer-Nation, Badger-Nation or Brewer-Nation. Foodie: pretty self-explanatory, but a person who is totally obsessed with food. Bae :  A loving term of endearment Lake Superior State University accepted over 2,000 submissions from the general public and then their university committee voted to create the final list. The University has been creating their banned words list since back 1976 and continue to gain more and more submissions each and every year. Do you agree with the words that Lake Superior State University chose? Is there anything you think should be added to the list?