Sassy Delaware Police Officer Jams To Some Taylor Swift

(PCM) Even Taylor Swift, herself, has responded to the hilarious video that captures a Delaware police officer jamming out to her hit single “Shake It Off”.


The Dover State Police department said that they came across the video while reviewing police cruiser dash cam footage and discovered the footage of Officer Jeff Davis to be quite amusing. Officer Davis has been with the Delaware State Police for 19 years and watching him start jamming out to the tune (hand gestures and all) was just too good not to share. The Dover State Police said that they are planning a new web series called “Dash Cam Confessionals”. ¬†While the rest of the video was staged a spokesperson for the Dover State Police said it was done in fun and only took about 15 minutes in total to film. The video has been viewed over 14 million times and we think Officer Davis is hoping for a duet!