San Diego Fireworks explode, Lasts 15 Seconds

(PCM) Every Fourth of July, The San Diego bay area labels it’s fourth of July show as the the “Big bay boom”  and This year was no exception. Promised to be the best show yet, the proposed 20 minute show went up in all of 15 seconds, leaving spectators and officials confused, and horrified. One onlooker quoted the sight as if ” a giant serious bomb went off” no one was reported to be injured. Garden state fireworks, the company behind the show has cited a malfunction in the program’s computer system as the reason why it caused tens of thousands of fireworks to simultaneously go off with a single command.  The company, which has been around since 1890, has built up a strong reputation as a fireworks supplier, and even had several numerous shows set up around the country that evening. August Santore, co-owner of Garden state fireworks has gone on the record to say, “We are a good strong company, and we rely on technology. We’ll take the ridicule as long as no one was injured.” The San Diego show was the only mishap the company had that evening. At First, many of the spectators were amazed at the show’s spectacular opening, but after a few minutes, many were left scratching their heads. Bre Nelson, a local, was one of those people. “It was really neat to see the entire sky light up but then we just waited there, Everyone was just sitting around.’’ Sponsors raised up to $380,000 to host the show, with the Port of San Diego contributing about $145,00o to the effort. It is still unsure if sponsors will be reimbursed for the debacle. Sandy Purdon, Owner of a bay marina and the chief organizer of the show, says she has talked to Garden state Fireworks and their is a strong possibility of next year’s bill be “footed”  Thankfully, No one was injured and the event will mostly go down as a viral internet video, and a lesson. However, the publicity from the malfunction could rekindle a long running controversy in San Diego about the danger pyrotechnic shows pose on marine life of the area. The debate is such a hot subject, that other shows were cancelled prior to fourth festivities. Fireworks have been a part of Fourth of July festivities for several generations, and have become synonymous with the special day in our Country’s storied history, but are extremely dangerous, and sadly, have caused countless deaths. It’s a shame San Diego’s resident’s were not treated to what could of been a memorable show, but let us be grateful no one was injured.