Ronnie Puts Himself In A Situation With The Situation

Hearing that Ronnie Ortiz-Magro from MTV‘s Jersey Shore got into a physical altercation with a stranger, heckler or another self-acclaimed “guido” is not newsworthy. Hearing that he beat up one of his fellow roommates is quite a different story. So in the red corner we have the tanned, juice-head from the Bronx. In the blue corner we have the tanned, juice-head from Central Jersey. Well, the boy from the Bronx pulled a KO on his fellow roommate. Reports do not reveal what caused the fight, but photos have been released showing a much beaten up Situation. It is not a surprise; however, that these two hot heads would eventually come to blows with each other, literally! These two have had a history of fighting, conflict, and underlying hatred towards one another. It might have all started when The Situation had made moves on fellow roommate Sammi Sweatheart when the show began. Then he consistently made comments and showed jealousy towards the relationship that Ronnie and Sammi developed soon after, yet he always found a way to somehow poke his nose into their drama. Maybe it was when The Situation insinuated to Sammi that Ronnie was “dogging her” when they were in Miami. He thought he was being a friend to Sammi, but Ronnie took it as he broke “guy code.” Either way these two do not respect each other, and it seems to all have come to surface overseas. Guess The Situation won’t be getting anymore complimentary glasses of Ron-Ron juice!