Rockers Linkin Park Launch New Facebook Game!

LPRecharge(PCM) One of the biggest pop culture phenomenons of the past few years has been the up rise of the many many Facebook games that everyone seems to be addicted to these days. Now rockers Linkin Park have joined the madness and are launching a new Facebook-based game called LP Recharge on September 12th!

The band, who boast more than 55 million likes and counting on the social media giant, have partnered up with gaming giant Kuuluu Interactive Entertainment for the game that will boast action-packed sequences, unlimited strategies and a musical score by, of course, Linkin Park. LP Recharge is set in the not-too-distant future where humans have depleted all natural resources on the planet and what little energy stores remain have been seized by machines and an elite minority. Players join cooperatively to battle their captors and recharge the world with clean energy. The game will also allow players to unlock the exhilarating new LINKIN PARK x STEVE AOKI song, “A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES.”  You can check out a preview here! You can view a trailer for the game below:

Sustainable energy has been a priority for Linkin Park, whose non-profit charity organization Music For Relief provides aid to people affected by natural disasters via environmental and clean energy projects. Music for Relief’s environmental program, Power The World, was created to bring attention to the 1.5 billion people who lack electricity, which compromises their health, safety, education and livelihoods. LP RECHARGE reflects these concerns through thrilling gameplay adventures. REGISTER FOR THE GAME at: to hear more and get a head start on playing LP RECHARGE!