Ricki Lake Gets Hit With Lawsuit For Burning Down Home

Oh Ricki Lake! You have made such a comeback since your days as Tracy Turnblad in the original Hairspray with your talk show, and now all people can talk about is your lawsuit. Lake has just been slapped with quite a legal battle. She has been charged with burning down the Malibu home she rented in 2010 from house owner Hovsep Kousouyan. According to Perez Hilton, the owner said Lake was “refilling a portable space heater with very flammable heating oil, when some of it spilled onto heating coals, causing them to burst into flames.” The fire did do some considerable damage, and Lake did take responsibility for her actions confirming it was her fault. Now, Kousouyan expects her to really take FULL responsibility stating the house is completely destroyed. He wants her to pay for all of the damages, and this could mean MILLIONS! Let’s hope those days of dancing around the streets of Baltimore will afford her with enough money to pay off the home. It seems slapping someone with a lawsuit “can stop the beat!”