Review of 2018, in Numbers

Across the Board, there are a lot of Big Numbers to talk about from from 2018
NETFLIX announced that 45 Million People have watched there own Horror/ Psychological Film called Bird Box, and that was just in the first week. They DID say it was the best first week for any NETFLIX Film, which stars Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson and John Malkovich. 45 Million People, for perspective, is (approximately) how many people saw a Harry Potter Movie in THEATERS…
Movies Had A Big Year
Not Just Movies, Superhero Movies, especially Spinoffs and Sequels. In the US, We had Marvel’s Black Panther, Infinity War and Incredibles 2 were the TOP 3. #4 was Jurassic World 2, and The second Deadpool was number 5. World wide, Infinity War was # 1, Back Panther was #2, Jurassic World 2 & The Incredibles 2 hit the next few spots and Venom, which is an unofficial Spider-Man Spin-Off, cracked the Top 5. We’re talking Six Billion Dollars world wide.  Hollywood earned nearly 12 Billion dollars world-wide.
Video Games had one of the best years ever
You had top sellers of 2018 like Call of DUTY: Black Ops 4, Red Dead Redemption 2 and NBA2K19, all game sequels. Fortnight  came out in 2017, has earned over a Billion Dollars. Pokemon Go is in the 2 Billion Dollar Club – I have grownup friends who still play. Minecraft is about 7 years old, and is the second biggest game of all time. (Tetris from 1984 is #1) Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is another BILLION DOLLAR franchise. Concerts Made Some Noise
Ed Sgheeran’s Tour grossed $432 million. Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour earned$345.1 million and Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s On the Run II tour earned $254.1 million. The rest of the Top Ten 2018 Tours were Pink ($169.2 Million), Bruno Mars ($167.6 Million), The Eagles ($166 Million), Justin Timberlake ($151 Million), Roger Waters ($131.3 Million), U2 ($126.2 Million, continuing their 2017 tour) and The Rolling Stones ($116.6 Million).
Numbers From Outer Space
NASA Horizons spacecraft passed a small planet called ULTIMA Thule, which is the furthest thing we’ve been able to get close to, about a billion miles past PLUTO. HORIZONS was about 2,200 miles away from the Planet, which is almost 4 BILLION Miles Away. It’s the furthest verified distance that any man-made thing has ever traveled…
Back to Earth, Robocalls…
26 Billion Robocalls happened in 2018. There were only about 18 Billion in 2017. 8 Billion in just the last four months of last year, so it’s gonna be 30/40 Billion robocalls I think in 2019. The Robots are winning. There are lots of great apps for your phone to avoid them. Check Google Play or The Apple Store. #fight the technology
Why bring up the big numbers…?
The word BILLION has been around since the 1600s, but it was almost never used. The first Billionaire was John Rockefeller, and that was just over a hundred years ago. Earth had a Billion Humans for the first time just over 200 years ago, but nobody knew it at the time. A Few decades ago, regular people never encountered anything in the billions… a few million of anything was unheard of AND a lot. The day-to-day use of the word BILLION  was something that never came up with our parents or grandparents, and now we see it every day. The next generation will be talking about TRILLIONS, like its nothing.